Barking up the right tree : be ambitious for the right things in life

Embarking on the journey to Truly Heal can be one of the most important journeys you take in life. Because the process will address all the root causes that has been uncovered as contributing to your illness, you will have the confidence and peace of mind that the situation can only get better from here, the only caveat being that for some situations, too far gone, time might be the most critical factor . Or in some situations we might attempt  to address the causes too quickly and hence overwhelming the system. Nevertheless, the body and spirit will respond in a positive way to what is being given, and will start its own process of activation, restoration and healing . Though we might not be able get rid of the problem fully, as often root causes can be deep seated or unmodifiable, we would still feel more peaceful, joyful and whole than when we started , returning us the confidence of a healthful life , and allowing us to live fully

Be ambitious for the right things in life :
The best health we can gift to ourself
The best relationships we can gift to those around us
And to allow ourselves to evolve to the highest being we can be

Embracing illness and allowing it to wake us up from the stupor of life and being open to all that it has to teach us to live a health ful and live ful life provides us with the perfect opportunity to achieve these ambitions. helping my patients facilitate their own growth and transformation is one of my greatest joys. I am deeply grateful for the privilege that I have been given to be part of their journey.

So, take heart. , this might be the beginning of something wonderful for you!

Remember God loves you and only wants your highest good!


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