Your beliefs create your reality so make sure you choose one that works for you!

I have a deep belief that God has created our bodies to be self healing and that if we get out of our own way (with the negative beliefs and destructive lifestyle) and give the body what it needs in terms of nutrition, energy and the right emotions, the body can heal itself of anything. Having graduated from medical school (national University of Singapore) in 1993, and practiced as a GP for more than 15 years, including doing my masters in Family medicine, I was left increasingly disillusioned with what medicine had to offer my patients and I started reading widely and learning from the ‘out of the box’ doctors and natural healers. I was also increasingly concerned that whilst doctors’  have no qualms discrediting the placebo effect as not real , they are pretty good at dishing out the Nocebo effect– giving out grave prognosis as if it was something cast in stone .

I have long accepted the limitations of Allopathic (western, mainstream) medicine and its focus on pathology and symptoms control. I have moved towards a more salutogenic model of care, where we give our attention and focus on the so called ‘miracles’:  patients who have defied the odds and gotten better despite the statistics. I was deeply influenced by the book ‘ Love , Medicine and Miracles’by Bernie Siegel– he is a surgeon who decided to study his patients who have healed themselves of cancer.
My current practise has been , if the patient is willing, help them address issues in their life that prevent them from fully healing and helping them orientate themselves to a deeper state of allowing so that the master healer, can work His grace through them.

My learning journey was accelerated during a bout of acute nerve pain that threatened to be chronic.  Knowing what allopathic medicine had to offer– pain reliever and nerve modulation treatments and its attendant side effects, I started looking desperately outside mainstream medicine for some long term solutions. I stumbled on the healing codes, which then got me  introduced to a whole new world of natural therapies, using of nutrients, supplements, application of quantum physics through energy medicine, epigenetics and nutrigenomics to get myself better. Along the journey, I discovered that I was iodine and vitamin D deficient , I was also mercury toxic from all my amalgams , probably also biotoxic from the several old fillings that have deteriorated, and I had impaired genes for heavy metal and oestrogen detoxification. I also had chronic gut issues, probably leaky gut as well, and had a lot of peace issues even though no one would have thought me anxious or stressed. I feel that had I not heeded  the wake up call of the nerve pain, I might have continued on my merry journey of ok health, and perhaps something more sinister like a cancer would have creeped up on me 10 years down the road. It was only when I had the courage to face reality that all was not that well for me, that I began to become more aware of what was not right. Ringing in the ears, dark rings under eyes that have been there forever, worsening memory, brain fogginess, worsening vision, melasma, phlegm in the throat, bad breath, receding gums , palpitations, hypothyroidism, neck, shoulder, back pain, weak muscles distal and proximal, epigastric pain, bloatedness, constipation, recurrent UTI from a nasty bacteria called enterobacter aerogenes , dry skin,callosities of hands, feet, white hair, cold peripheries, xantholesma, red spots on my skin, previous mid term miscarriage.  I could easily have explained them away as part of ageing, idiopathic, bad luck, coincidence, bad genes and elect to be resigned to my fate; or I could use the symptoms to guide me to understand and support my body better.

I have been blown away by the wealth of information that was available on the web, and have benefitted from the generous teaching of Dr Klinghardt, Dr Mercola, Dr Gary Gordon, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Francesco Contreras, Dr Bill Walsh, Dr Keith Scott Mumby, etc. Even non medical crusaders of great health, natural cures to cancer like Donna Gates, Yuri Elkaim, David Wolfe, Lee Euler, Bill Henderson, Robert Redfern, Clint Ober , Clayton Nolte,Ty Bollinger etc have taught me a lot regarding the fundamentals to good health  and harnessing the gifts in nature to help us do that.
At the end of 2014 I decided to do the Truly Heal program run by Marcus and Sabrina Freudeuman to learn how to comprehensively and holistically heal myself and others in a systematic way. Whilst I have learnt a lot along the way  on my own, I knew I needed a structure that will allow me to apply this knowledge systematically, and to also discern the effective from the not so effective therapies.

As a Truly Heal coach, I want to be able to help my patients achieve the best possible health outcome for themselves using a holistic approach, irregardless of their starting point. (well, acute illness, chronic illness, terminally ill) I want to increase my effectiveness in supporting them through their health journey , by firstly awakening them to the possibility of healing, then through a comprehensive assessment including relevant testing, and recommending cost effective nutritional, physical and lifestyle strategies whilst also supporting their emotional and spiritual growth in this process.


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