Be informed, be inspired, be awakened

I am listing down some of the resources which have informed me regarding what little I know about the human body  despite having been through medical school, and how nutrition, or the lack of it affects its well being. Learning from these sources have inspired me to want to do more to help the body repair and restore itself, and awakened me to the possibilities of true preventative measures for my health and ultimately, longevity.

The Truly Heal website provides a good approach to how to tackle serious medical condition and has been a wealth of information  for me. I am currently doing their Truly Heal coaching course to sharpen my therapeutic effectiveness. They even provide a free cancer  guide where you  will receive 12 videos over  4 days with details about tests, treatments and education programs that will help you  .

Love Medicine and Miracles. Dr Bernie Siegel

Cancer Step outside the box Ty Bollinger

50 Critical Cancer answers .  Francisco Contreras MD, Daniel E Kennedy, MC

Knockout –interviews with doctors who are curing cancer and how to prevent getting it in the first place. Suzanne Somers ( yes the actress!)

Natural strategies for cancer patients . Russell L. Blaylock MD

Outsmart your cancer –alternative non toxic treatments that work . Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A., MFCC– study revealing the toxicities  that our babies are already exposed to at birth.

Earthing The most important health discovery ever? Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra M.D. Martin Zucker

Fire in the belly –the surpring cause of most diseases, states of mind and ageing processes. Keith Scott-Mumby MD,MB ChB, PhD

Diet Wise–let your body choose the food that’s right for you . Keith Scott-Mumby MD,MB ChB, PhD
good book for any who suspects that she/he is suffering from food allergies or intolerances.

The Blood sugar solution –Dr Mark Hyman

The Omni Diet–the revolutionary 70% plant& 30% protein program to lose weight, reverse disease, fight inflammation and change your life forever. Tana Amen, B.S.N., R.N

The Baby Boomer Diet –Body ecology’s guide to growing younger. Donna Gates

Iodine why you need it , why you can’t live without it . David Brownstein, M.D

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy. a new approach to health maintenance. Mark Sircus A.c, O.M.D

PEO Solution –Conquering cancer, diabetes and heart disease with parent essential oils Brian Scott Peskin BSEE-MIT founder : Life-systems engineering science, Robert Jay Rowen M.D. International Authority Oxidative medicine

Nutrient Power– Heal your biochemistry and heal your brain William J. Walsh, PhD

Unleash the Power of the female brain–supercharging yours for better health, energy, mood, focus, and sex. Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

The Biology of Belief unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & Miracles. Bruce H. Lipton,Ph.D

The Healing Code –6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue Alexander Loyd PhD, ND,, Ben Johnson M.D, D.O, NM.

The Emotion Code. How to release your trapped emotions for abundant health, love and happiness

I Believe When what you believe matters! Eldon Taylor

Sauna Therapy for detoxifcation and Healing . Lawrence Wilson, M.D.

Rebounding: the Ultimate exercise for the new millennium . Albert E. Carter  :Was Linus Pauling Right About Vitamin C’s Curative Powers After All?

Professor Bissell  from /mina_bissell_experiments_that_point_to_a_new_understanding_of_cancer?language=en#t-150545

Integrative Cancer Care : The power of being informed  Dr Adam McLeod ND, BSc

The healing power of the breath  Richard Brown MD, Patricia  Gerbarg MD

The Rhodiola Revolution: Transform Your Health with the Herbal Breakthrough of the 21st Century : Richard Brown MD, Patricia  Gerbarg MD

Breathe to Heal  break free from asthma

Report: Heavy Metal Hazard: The Health Risks of Hidden Heavy Metals in Face Makeup


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