What is important is to ask how did we get to this state in the first place?

We can either take a defensive stance and say we don’t know how got the disease, we have done everything right and blame our bad luck or bad genes; or we can take a more humble stance and say that the disease must be a manifestation of what is not right in the body and become determined in finding out as much as we can about how we got sick . Only when we are ready to assume accountability for our choices both deliberate and unconscious, do we start learning about what we need to get ourselves better .

One thing to note is that by the time we have cancer or a chronic disease, the body has not been well for a long time. This is despite you feeling well and fit. A lot of people struggle with accepting this and hence will struggle with the effort that they have to put in to get themselves better.


The medical history of a patient will provide crucial information as to the biological terrain of the body that has contributed to it being conducive to the growth of disease e.g. cancer. It is only when we understand as much as we can about what has predisposed the patient to disease including vulnerabilities such as
1.weak detoxification systems
2. weak immune systems
3.possible gut dysbiosis , and leaky gut syndrome
4.possible toxicities with occupational exposure, exposure through amalgams, vaccinations, root canal treatments , exposure to cleaning chemicals, personal care products, cook ware
5. hormonal dysregulation, including the effects of hormone disruptors
6. chronic inflammation
7 poor elimination
8 low antioxidant levels

that we can begin to address the root causes and start getting better.

If you have had recurrent childhood infections, recurrent current infections , including cold sores, thrush, flus; poorly resolving infections, poor wound healing, if you have had  recurrent use of antibiotics, antacids, reflux medications; if you have  experienced   bloating, tummy pains, diarrhoea, constipation, reflux symptoms,  or suffer some form of chronic inflammation, eg joint pain, muslce pain, chornic infections  or an autoimmune conditions including chronic allergies,  or  become  increasingly sensitive to foods, chemicals, medication; or   experienced unexplained mental fogging, degenerative disease, elevated GGT, abnormal liver enzymes, or have had poor response to therapy , or suffer   premenstrual tension, heavy periods, breast cysts, fibroids, or tiredness from adrenal fatigue or hypothyroidism , or been told you have atherosclerotic disease like coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, or erectile dysfunction; you probably  have at least one or more vulnerabilities at play in your body.

We need to identify and address  as many of the root causes of the disease as possible in order  for the patient to truly heal. It also involves us understanding the time line of different exposures, including any trauma, physical, surgeries, emotional, and spiritual , and the development of various diseases both acute and chronic that has contributed to the current health predicament.

Besides the usual health screening blood investigations that the doctor usually orders when a patient presents for general health check, targeted Functional testing should also be done as it provides information about what is going on the body, including the presence of deficiencies, toxins, parasites, food sensitivities/allergies, inflammation, organ and system functions, enzyme activity, immune cell function etc, that guides the practitioner in helping the patient identify the cause(s) of their disease. It is only with this information that we can provide most accurate, personalised, relevant and cost effective treatment for the patient. Examples of such tests are .nutrigenomic gene testing, intestinal permeability analysis for assessing leaky gut ,immunoglobulin testing for IgE allergy and IgG allergy , digestive stool analysis,  breath test for hydrogen and methane.


What we don’t know will continue to rule us. What we know and are willing to address, will no longer plague us the way it has.





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